The design of Dragon Fairy is inspired from the majestic beauty of Canh Long Mountain and the softness of waves winding in the ocean, looking like a sail stretching out the sea and prominent on Nha Trang beach, immersing in natural scenery of the sky and earth, bringing intersection beauty of the mountains and sea, of the Dragon and Fairy.


Dragon Fairy is designed elegantly and luxuriously in the Ellipse shape with 100% sea-view apartments. Each apartment will be unmounted with natural light and winds due to intelligent design with the widen-open window system. What is wonderful to wake up early and the wonderful scene of a charming landscape painting of Nha Trang coastal bay is in your full view.  

The public areas of the building are arranged with green trees, standing gardens, lawns, water surface and blooming flowers, giving people a feeling of comfort and harmony with nature.


Dragon Fairy is the first apartment project in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa and is designed, built according to EDGE (Excellent Design for Greater Efficiencies) standards. When being put into operation, the Dragon Fairy Green Building will save 25.29% energy, 31.26% water in comparison with normal buildings. Besides, the green building also contributes to protect environment and consumer’s health due to the use of solar energy, natural lighting, the use of non-toxic materials and low emissions to create a comfortable and safe living and working environment for human beings.